A Fighting Chance: Supporting Young Children Experiencing Disruptive Change

by Jane Humphries EdD. & Kari Rains, M.S.

Learn more about current research trends, the importance of leadership and program operations, and practical application of strategies and activities to use with children and their families who are experiencing a variety of significant disruptive events.

Shakespeare Makes Me Puke

by Kari Rains, M.S.

Life in rural small town Oklahoma is not normally this humorous. Kari Rains takes us on an insightful journey through a bizarre childhood to an even more bizarre adulthood. Rains weaves hilarious tales about learning to smoke her first cigarette from the Buddha belly rubbing Catholic next door, as well as her first disastrous date with her husband. Sprinkle in a few untamed children and magic happens.

It Doesn't Hurt That Bad: And Other Lies My Mom Told Me

by Kari Rains, M.S.

Rains sets the record straight and exposes the truth about parenting, pregnancy, and, of course, giving birth. With brutal honesty and a wicked sense of humor, Rains shares her stories about her husband, their kids, and her own set of lies she passes down to them. Read It Doesn't Hurt That Bad and Other Lies My Mom Told Me for a realistic and truthful look into motherhood.

Journals & Articles

Schedules: Make them Visual!

Discover more about the design and implementation of visual schedules to help children become better regulated in the classroom and home environment.​

Lean on Me: Helping Children and Families through Disruptive Change

Learn more about children in classroom environments who are experiencing significant disruptive events and how the early childhood program directors and teachers managed each child’s emotional competence.​


This volume of Exchange Essentials includes 10 articles that focus on the topic of mentoring teachers working within an early childhood program.​

Creating In-Sync Enviroments for Children with Sensory Issues

Learn more about Abe who joined a program as an infant and how the teachers in the classroom began to notice issues that made caring for Abe just a little more sensitive

When Intent and Reality Collide

Gain insight into the delicate balance between the developmental stages of individual women in the lifecycle and adult learning concepts to support teachers as they progress in their formal or informal educational experiences.

Picky Eating Habits or Sensory Processing Issues?

Learn more about children with sensory processing problems and potential developmental difficulties when feeding these children.

Learning About Sensory Integration Dysfunction

Read more about the experiences of a family whose child, by the age of 2 ½ years of age, was diagnosed with sensory integration dysfunction.


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