Cool as the Other Side of the Pillow

Cool as the Other Side of the Pillow

I used to be cool. I would wear clothes that were in style for the decade, put make up on, fix my hair, and wear cute shoes. My weekends were spent eating at restaurants and going out with friends. Some weekends I would even go out dancing and stay out until the wee hours of the morning.

Over spring break, the kids found some old pictures and my and The Big D’s yearbooks from High School. It was so fun to look back and tell stories of the ‘good ol days’ to The Little Rains Children. What I had not expected was their utter disbelief that I was quite popular and even had a social life. No, I haven’t always been a mom. No, I haven’t always lived in yoga pants and house shoes. Yes, I did have long flowing hair and a clear complexion.

They did this to me. I wear yoga pants because they are stretchy and don’t cut into my baby bump that was left over from Natey. I mean, I know I just had a baby and I am working on getting rid of the baby weight, but it took nine months to grow another human being inside my body, sucking the life from me one day at a time. I don’t think allowing time for your body to heal and replenish is too much to ask. I mean, Natey will turn 10 in April, but he is still just a baby.

My hair stays in a messy bun. The only make up applied is what happens to be left in my car on the way to my destination, and house shoes are comfortable. I haven’t stopped caring about my appearance. Ok, maybe I don’t care a little, but my priorities have changed. Any time I do dress up and fix my hair and make up, The Little Rains Children ask if I am going to a funeral or a meeting. Yes, I do still like to eat at restaurants that don’t have a children’s menu and no one is spitting straw paper at my face. Yes, I do still like to dance; I just dance in the car to embarrass The Little Rains Children. My social life is connecting with other parents at practices and in the pick up line at school.


No one told me about this aspect of parenthood. I knew our lives would change. But the shift into mom life is gradual and happens in stages. Play dates with friends with babies turns into “Uh, I have to be in three different towns at the same time, could my kid hitch a ride with you?” and “I will take your middle kid and my middle kid if you will throw my little one in the bath and feed it.” I love this life. I love my yoga pants and house shoes. My village that helps so much in my everyday life is so valuable to me. I love the children that I get to haul to and fro. And I love the parents that are living the dream right alongside me. Yes, I am not all that cool anymore. I used to be.

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  • You are still COOL!

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