It Just Got Interesting

It Just Got Interesting

Here at the Rains Compound, things have been on a steady decline. Things such as housekeeping, laundry, food quality, mental health, attitudes, have not been what they once were. I must admit, most of the time the aforementioned can go either way on any given day. 

My dishwasher exploded and has yet to be replaced. I made up a chore chart that has yet to be followed. After attempting to eat off the dishes little Natey washed, I decided it is just easier for me to wash all the dishes by hand. It is not fun. 

We have all been on edge for the last week, snippy and intolerant. I have tried my best to keep a schedule and routine, but it hasn't worked. I had a meltdown this morning at 3:47 am. Time has no meaning and sleep schedules are beyond messed up. Nick and I were up until 4 this morning. Nick gets really chatty when exhausted. He asked no less than 200 questions about a variety of subjects. 

We are used to Nick Questions. He has been the kid to ask everything about everything since he could speak. We are so used to his questions that we often find ourselves over explaining to others. It's fun. Around question 178, I started to sweat. I was drifting off to sleep on the couch and would be awakened by another Nick Question. As I attempted to answer without a note of disdain in my voice, Natey decided to kick me in the uterus as he was asleep on the couch next to me. The uterus kick prompted Ozzy the weiner dog to yelp and start barking. Nick was on a follow-up question when I looked down to see blood seeping into my shirt. 

This kid gave me a nose bleed. A nose bleed! He asked so many questions that my body decided to activate a defense mechanism so that I could escape the circumstances that made by brain shut down and nose start to bleed. Nick found me in my bathroom on the floor with toilet paper up my nose laughing and crying at the same time. I had made it to the deep in and I did a swan dive. 

Instead of reading the room and slowly backing out of my bathroom, he sat down beside me on the floor. And then said,  I am not making this up, "Why is your nose bleeding? Is all that blood just from one nostril, or both? Can you die from a nose bleed? Why are you looking at me like that?"

And then I sat alone in my car until sunrise. 

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