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Google This

My Nate just turned 10 last week. As a 10-year-old, he thinks he needs technology. He does not have a smart phone, nor an ipad. He does, however, use my phone as his own as well as my Macbook. He actually has taught me how to use this Mac of mine as I was a PC for decades. I digress.

I happened to be googling the other day and glanced at the Google history. I could tell most of what I had Googled and what Nate had Googled. (How great is it that Google is a verb now?)

The following is a list of the Google history on my phone and computer, I left it in order so Nate's and mine are combined. Enjoy.

  • NBA games
  • NBA stats
  • Russell Westbrook
  • OK Teacher walkout
  • Amazon
  • concerts near me
  • Adidas
  • Getting blood out of a shirt
  • how much is to much blood
  • best buy
  • tuition at Baylor Medical
  • minecraft mods
  • pranks for brothers
  • what does infected cut look like
  • binary code
  • can eagles carry baby deer and eat them
  • getting blood out of carpet
  • blood stains
  • pelicans
  • where do pelicans live
  • what do pelicans eat
  • UCONN women's basketball
  • joe cooper autogroup
  • safest cars for first time drivers
  • can dogs choke on shoe laces
  • how to get shoelaces out of dog
  • is grass poison to eat

And that is where the history ends. I am afraid to ask about all the blood. I don't remember seeing any blood stains around the compound, but Nate is very resourceful. I hope that he has not taken to eating grass, again, I am too afraid to ask. I like to think there are children who solely survive by the grace of God. Nate survives on that grace and little luck. 

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