Adventures in Parenting: Quarantine-Borentine

Adventures in Parenting: Quarantine-Borentine


The more I am stuck at the Rains Compound with The Little Rains Children, the more I am convinced I am an excellent parent. No, we don’t have a schedule that we adhere to strictly. No, we don’t do arts and crafts or nature walks everyday. Yes, we have relaxed personal hygiene and sleep schedules. Yes, The Little Rains Children do their online school work. Yes, sometimes I have to beg, barter, or bribe for this to happen.  But, it gets done. The journey is the most important part, right? I think I read that on a motivational poster in my therapists’ office. Whatever, embrace the chaos. 

Everyone’s family is different. It’s ok to sleep in, or to eat cereal for lunch. If you gauge your parenting skill or success by those posting perfection on social media, you may cry. There is no perfect plan for this weird time in our lives. Give yourself permission to go sit in your car and listen to music when you need just a few minutes alone. And if you are frustrated, I have found that throwing Easter eggs as far as you can is very satisfying. Scream as you throw and it really releases frustration.

You are doing ok. Your children will be ok. Things will return to normal, it may be a new normal, but we can adapt. And always remember, some social media posts are close to what is happening in that family, most are not. Meltdowns are ok, for kids of all ages…and adults!

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