Adventures in Parenting: All I Ever Wanted

Adventures in Parenting: All I Ever Wanted

Vacation. That’s all I ever wanted. I love traveling, not the packing and getting ready to leave part. The Little Rains Children would tell you I become possessed when faced with the daunting task of packing for five people. Spring break just drew to a close a few days ago. The Rains fam took off for a week (seven whole days) to go skiing in Colorado. We went with a group of 17 and had a fabulous time.

In my former life, I was a collegiate athlete. Since aging and having babies, I am not the athlete I once was. Knowing I would tear something or possibly maim others, I decided to spectate instead of participate. The one reason we all went on this trip is so a decade long debate between the Big D and me could be settled. He has been skiing many times. He thought he could strap skis on and go down the mountain. I said he could not. Let’s face it, he hadn’t skied in 22 years. That was 22 years and 122 pounds ago. I was sure I would win the debate.

Ella made it through the private lessons, but that was it. She prefers to stay warm and dry and with ample oxygen to breathe. Nick lasted two days and after a pretty rough crash, he was done. Natey took to skiing like a fish to water. He needed two trips down the bunny slope with instruction and he was good to go. Natey has no fear and no sense of self preservation. He was fantastic at skiing fast, not so much at stopping. He would stop by screaming (in his 80-year-old smoker voice) “Comin’ in hot!” and either crash into someone or just fall over. He was a riot to watch.

And now The Big D. Well, he strapped on his skis and went down the mountain. I was at the bottom waiting on him. *He won, I lost. He is a rock star, I am a loser. I should never doubt the awesomeness that is the man I was lucky enough to marry. He is superior to me.*

*This was my script I had to say to him and anyone listening. I am not going to lie, it was difficult to get the words from my mouth. I hate losing. Though by now, the sting has subsided and I have come to terms with my loss. Our next contest is a 40 meter foot race. I am quite certain I have this one in the bag. If not, our trip to Yellowstone next year might be postponed. I don’t have to be the fastest to out run a bear, I just have to be faster than The Big D.


Here are The Little Rains Children waiting patiently for our hotel room to be cleaned.

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