A few nights ago, I had a middle of the night epiphany. I have those from time to time and keep a notebook on my night stand so I can write down the ideas that I will absolutely not remember in the morning. On this night, as The Little Rains Children (TLRC) were nestled all snug in their beds, I decided to eliminate all screens for the entirety of the following day. 

Those who know me, know I have a slight problem with impulse control. One might even say that I often speak and/or act without thinking. This was one of those times. After I explained my great idea to TLRC, I was met with disbelieving faces and not an insignificant amount of disdain. I tried to sell it. I planned to play board games and and card games and even watch an Avengers movie. 

We lasted 47 minutes. No one could agree on a game to play. Nick didn't want to use his playing cards because Natey bends them. Ella had so much homework to do and could not believe I would be so outrageous as to take her phone and laptop for one whole day. 

I tried to begin a discussion. I imagined telling stories of my youth, TLRC hanging on my every word. We didn't. They didn't. Instead, we ended up in a heated debate about the shelf life of frozen chicken. How long can one freeze said meat and still consume without getting sick? Without Google, pandemonium broke out. At minute 47, we decided to get Natey an ice pack and return to our regularly scheduled screen time. 

What I thought could be the best day of quarantine life turned into the 6th circle of hell, 5th at the least. Mama Tried. 

BTW-a whole uncooked chicken can last in a deep freeze for up to one year, parts of an uncooked chicken can freeze up to 9 months. 



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